Death to Google+: What Hashtags Mean for Facebook

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Back in January, I published an article about Facebook graph search changing the game for SEO. At that time, graph search had yet to be released to the public, and the outlook for Facebook’s changes looked partly sunny at best.

Now, the clouds are parting: Facebook has announced that it will incorporate hashtags in its social media platform. Boom. All that chatter about Facebook’s decline? Yeah, in case you were wondering, Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement has silenced those pesky rumors.

While many SEO professionals stress the importance of Google+, they really miss the mark when it comes to audience. Google+ is mainly used by tech geeks who fit limited demographics. Most business owners are not interested in marketing their products toward hobbit-like, asocial individuals who know how to navigate the web. Instead, companies want their brand to be likable, popular, and trendy. You won’t find that crowd in a Google hangout.


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