must be know what to do or not

The Ostrich Queen

google-penguinGoogle has been hurting and rewarding at the same time. But this cute little penguin is probably not your favorite animal anymore (the ostrich queen would have never done that!)

Since many websites have been hurt and Matt Cutts didn’t say much in his blog and video about the SEO secrets and changes, I will be the one to reveal them…after some testings.


  • Forget about text link advertising, rather switch to banner ads. Why, because it is considered as more natural. Text link is cheating! But don’t spend all your budget on ads.
  • Don’t create fake blogs and spammy websites!
  • Be careful what SEO team you hire, check everything they do. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE!


  • Focus on social media (Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Company’s Blog) – preferably 2-3 posts per day. You need to have all accounts listed.
  • Optimize your website…

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