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c230d585-fa95-47e1-95f8-3827034926d3Google Chrome Addon SEO. I recommend that, when you embark upon a link acquisition spree, you install this Chrome addon. If you use it together with the Majestic extension it will give you a good idea of whether a site is likely to provide you with a healthy link if you sourced one from it.

SECockpit. For keyword research, SEcockpit is my tool of choice. They use data from Google Adwords as a foundation. They improve the data by the addition of CPC data, problem, and more numbers for every single keyword. With one click you can look at competitive data for that keyword to see if the keyword is workable. You can also save and organize your keywords. Once I select keywords to track, I use the Ranking Tracker from the suite to benchmark our organic results and track the effectiveness of the campaign.

Tynt Search Engine Optimisation.

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