Higher Ed IT Communications

The IT department’s website is an important vehicle for communicating information and when I started in my role as Communications Advisor, I made reviewing and updating the website my first priority.

The average site at our university has approximately 40 pages.  Our department had 324 pages, and counting.  This had resulted in a site that was weighed down and was quickly becoming unmanageable.

Below were the steps we took to improve the usability and maintability of the website.

Step 1: Perform an Audit

Analysis with charts and graphs

Before any changes or recommendations could be made, we first needed to see exactly what was on the site.  By looking at the analytics we could see what was working and what was not working, what people were looking at and more importantly, what they were not looking at.

To do that, we created what we called an ‘analytics map’ from the current website.  We set up…

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