Change to iOS 7 screenshot function could be bad news for privacy-focused apps


Snapchat is one of the most actively used social apps on iOS. And Apple(s AAPL) has made a change to its mobile operating system that could have huge implications for the entire premise of ephemeral photo messaging.

As MacRumors noted, developers with early access to the iOS 7 beta made note of an interesting change in the ability to take screenshots: “In iOS 7, screenshot behavior has been altered, and as the release notes state, ‘Active touches are no longer canceled when the user takes a screenshot.'”

The premise of Snapchat is that photo messages can only be viewed for a set amount of time, typically a couple of seconds. After that, the messages are no longer viewable by the recipient. To discourage the temptation to try to save those messages with a screenshot, messages in Snapchat automatically close when a screenshot is attempted. In addition, the attempt triggers…

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