How Does PR Newswire Optimize Press Releases?

Beyond PR

We’re hearing this question a lot, so we thought we’d take time out from our regular programming to dig into how PR Newswire has created the best platform for hosting press releases in the business, and to discuss some of the elements that go into optimizing a big site like ours, as well as granular pieces of content like press releases.   This is the first of a three-part series we’ll be running this week.  Check back tomorrow and Thursday for discussions about what you can do to improve press release visibility, and how distribution of press releases factors into the visibility equation.

SEO vs press release SEO

When it comes to press releases and SEO, there are two sides of the coin to consider:  web site SEO, which is concerned with building visibility for a website for specific keywords used by Internet searchers, and press release visibility, which focuses…

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