Podcasts Comparison, Pt. 1


Instead of a regular review, I’m going to do a comparison for a change. Over the next two software articles, we’re going to compare four of the better known iOS podcast clients on the market today. This month, we’re going to look at Apple’s Podcasts and iCatcher. Next month, Downcast and Instacast.

To give you an idea of where I’m coming from, when I moved into my studio apartment two and a half years ago, I made it my mission to the cut the cable. Thanks to AppleTV, HuluPLUS and a military-grade HDTV antenna, mission accomplished. I can watch most of my TV shows, sporting events and several podcasts on my 42″ LED HDTV.

Yet, there are several podcasts, both audio and video, that I prefer to have on my mobile devices so that I can watch or listen to them anywhere, at anytime.

This month, we’re going to review…

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