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Outsource Seo 2 India

There are many people who self-proclaim themselves as ‘SEO experts’. But do they have the skill and caliber to work on your website?

With thoughts to hire SEO expert, ask them the following questions, before allowing them to work on your website.

  1. Can I see your clientèle list?
  2. When you are about to hire SEO expert, this should be the first question, by default. A peek in to the list, will help you know about the reputation of the company.

  3. How will your working improve my search rankings?

    Any SEO consultant would love to answer this question. The most common answer is ‘We will create campaigns and improve your search rankings’. If the SEO expert says this, without knowing much about your website, this is an indication that they are JUST saying it, and don’t mean it.

  4. Do you provide “off page” SEO strategies?

    Off page SEO strategies are important…

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