How to add Google Analytics to WordPress

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Google AnalyticsStep 1 – Sign Up For a Google Analytics Account

Before you install this plugin you will need to sign up for a Google Analytics account. This is a completely free and easy process and you can do it here:

1)If you already have a Gmail account you can use those details to sign in – if not you will need to create a new account.

2) You will then be asked to fill out your website details such as URL, and your account name (you can choose anything you want)

3) You will then be asked to fill out your personal details such as your name and your country before agreeing to their terms and conditions.

4) Find your Google Analytics account number – It will look something like this ‘UA-XXXXX-Y’.

Step 2 – Install Analytics on Your Website

1) Login to your website dashboard (YourWebsiteName.com/wp-admin).

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A Review of the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual Suspension Mens Mountain Bike – Budget Brilliance?


They have sensible entrance fees, generally from $two-to-five a person, dependent on their lodging, like, arranged tram rides and bicycling privileges. They A Review of the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual Suspension Mens Mountain Bike – Budget Brilliance? also have effectively-positioned feeding stations (seed, syrups, halved grapefruit/oranges), durable overlooks, and picture-taking pictures blinds exactly where site visitors can sit and observe many energetic and colourful birds as they you should.

762-acre park and planet-birding centre found six-miles SW of the city of Mission on the Rio Grande River (w/guided tram rides, How to Choose a Subdivision walking/biking paths, feeding/picture-stations, several chicken and wildlife sightings) park open seven-days/week seven:30am-10pm, guests centre 8am-5pm individual-$five, young children beneath twelve free of charge.

What They Will not Notify&nbspYou…

What vehicle sellers will not tell you is that you can get a much better offer on car financing intitiating it on the Internet. It’s not the…

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